Swecure identifies and develops innovative treatments of the microbiome based on the connection between bacterial imbalance and disease development. Through knowledge from cohort studies diseases can be linked to up- or down-regulation of certain bacteria and furthermore the imbalance between gram+ and gram- species. These observations are complemented with extensive knowledge about how commensal bacteria is responsible for the extraction and synthesis of nutrients and other metabolites that are essential for the maintenance of mammalian health. With this combined knowledge Swecure works to develop treatments in the areas of allergy prevention, advanced probiotics and bacterial therapeutics.

Swecure pipeline
Allergy Prevention

Identifying a bacterial protein with the unique ability to activate immunological tolerance mechanisms that act to prevent allergy development

Bacterial Therapeutics

Through clinically tested bacterial compositions we aim to modulate the microbiome and treat a range of chronic diseases

Novel Probiotics

By introducing a range of novel probiotics backed by extensive research and selected strains we aim to offer healthy consumers a complement to current probiotics

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