Board of directors
Ph.D Saeid Esmaeilzadeh Board member

Adjunct professor in material chemistry at Stockholm University.

CEO at Serendipity Innovations AB, an investment firm specialized in venture management.

Board member of the Business Executives Council of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

M.D, Ph.D Agnes Wold Board Member

Chief physician and professor in Clinical Bacteriology at University of Gothenburg.

Dr. Wold has received several honors for her research, including the Environmental Medicine Award by the Cancer and Allergy Foundation. In 2012 Dr. Wold was awarded the Gothenburg Medal of Merit for her leading research on allergy prevention.

M.D, Ph.D Alf Lindberg Board Member

Professor in clinical bacteriology.

Former Chief Scientific Officer and Head of R&D at Wyeth Vaccines and Executive Vice President of R&D at Sanofi Pasteur.

Former member of the Nobel Assembly and its Nobel Committee, which selects the Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicin.

Ph.D Jeppe Magnusson Board Member

Ph.D. in chemical reaction technology from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

Long experience from leading positions within research and product development at international companies, including Nobel Industries, Union Carbide, Mölnlycke and SCA Hygiene Products.Most recently Dr. Magnusson held the position of Vice President R&D at Nobel Biocare.

MSc Amin Omrani Chairman

MSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Amin Omrani has a background in industrial engineering with a specialization in mechanical engineering. He also has a Master’s degree in Logistics and has acted as CEO and COO in various companies. 

Amin holds the position of VP of Business Development at Serendipity Innovations.

Karin hemsida
MSc Karin Wingstrand Board Member

MSc in Pharmacy from the University of Uppsala.

Broad experience of the international pharmaceuctical industry from senior positions within regulatory, pharmaceutical and analytical R&D, project leadership as well as clinical.  Most recently Karin held the position of Global Head and Vice President of Clinical Development at AstraZeneca.

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