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Swecure is a Swedish biotechnology company developing bacterial therapeutics for immunoregulatory disorders linked to the microbiome.


Swecure was founded 2012 and based on decades of research on the infant gut microbiota and its relation to chronic diseases such as allergy and IBD. Through extensive cohort studies where children were followed from infancy to adolescence researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy at Göteborg University obtained unique knowledge about the correlations between certain bacteria in the microbiome and disease development later in life.


Currently the company is focusing on developing a range of bacterial compositions with lead products aimed at IBD and allergy.


The company is based in Stockholm and the Research and development department is based in Gothenburg.


To be able to treat and prevent some of the most common chronic diseases seen today


To produce a range of bacterial therapeutics aimed at diseases with a clear link to dysbiosis of the microbiome

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